Any person in charge of maintaining the company’s Information System is always embroiled in the following activities:

  • Maintaining a stable environment for the users.
  • Suggesting and plan for upgrades and enhancement.
  • Implementing the planned changes.

The rapid advancement in Technology coupled with the ever-changing Business requirements has made this a challenging task indeed. TMS has provided this Support Pack Service to better support our customers in meeting this challenge.

The Situation

The Problem

How Support Pack can help?

Rapid Advancement in Technology

The user does not have the time to familiarize or keep up to date on the available solutions in the market?

We have constant contact and knowledge of our customer’s environment and needs. In our periodic visits and discussions, we can introduce the most current technology and trends in the market.

Many new products in the market.

The user does not have expertise in the new products in the market. They do not have the time nor the environment to test out new products and therefore unable to ascertain whether the new product is suitable for their company or not.

TMS has the expertise and the ability to conduct trial tests with the suppliers at our site or at the customer’s site.
Because we have different engineers specialized in different products; we can provide expert advice at different times in different areas, which is not possible from just one individual.

Short of manpower in implementing changes.

The user faces a problem in implementing the plan upgrades or new products, because it requires more manpower than is available.

We can provide manpower to implement the plan changes over the stipulated time frame.

Changes in Management decisions

Because of the rapid changes in the Business environment, the user has to change the implementation plan. For a fixed planned project implementation, any changes require much re-negotiation with the implementer.

We will be involved with the user from planning to execution to post implementation support. We are able to rapidly recognize and adapt to changes at any stage of the implementation.

Periodic maintenance of the current system.

The computer systems need to be maintained regularly. New releases of patches need to be loaded. New versions of the software need to be upgraded. System Administration documentation needs to be updated. This simple but laborious task needs to be done regularly.

We can provide a regular maintenance of the environment, including documentation.

Trouble Shooting

The user usually takes a long time to solve a few troublesome Systems. Sometimes even reloading of the entire System.

With our specialist, our principal’s support and our Knowledge Database we can find fixes to the problem faster. We even undertake to liaise with the hardware supplier for repairs and reinstatement.

Supported Network Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows
Messaging Systems: IBM Domino, Microsoft Office 365 (Training / Consultation in both English and Japanese)
Connectivity: LAN, WAN, WIFI and Internet